A Grim Situation - September Unreal Game Jam

Team Members:
 Brandon Soares, Technical Artist

 Philipp Nasahl, Programmer

 Daniel Arathoon, Environment 3D Artist

 Tim Fangon, Concept and Character Artist

 Jay Adams, Animation and 3D Artist

Game Description:
The Grim Reaper has appeared in the city! Be aware, he has come to gather the souls of the dearly departed and bring them to the mysterious red shining graves that are located in the town. Fortunately, a brave priest (Father Francis) in town steps up to stop the Grim Reaper’s intentions!

How to Play:
For the game you need two controllers, because it’s a pure local split-screen game. One player will spawn as Grim and the other one as Father Francis. A timer will start and both players must do their job. 

As Grim: The player has to collect souls and bring the back to the red shining graves that are located around the map. He will win when he has collected 10 souls by adding them to the graves, but each grave is only able to hold 5 souls.

Gathering: Be near a soul. Bring souls to graves: just walk pass the red shining grave, then the soul will do the ‘rest’.

As Father Francis: As the Priest, save the souls around the level with your Bible of Smiting so that their souls are saved and Grim will have to gather them again. Father Francis will win when the time runs out if Grim hasn’t completed his goal of capturing 10 souls.

Whacking/Slicing: Left Mouse Button or Square (PS4 Controller)

Skill Power 1: 1 key, X (PS4 Controller), or A (Xbox Controller)
 Speed Boost 

Skill Power 2: 2 key or O (PS4 Controller), or B (Xbox Controller) 
 As Father Francis it allows footsteps to appear brighter
 As Grim it allows you to make your new footsteps disappear for a few seconds

PLAYABLE TECHNICAL DEMO: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2JYe1IarC4sbW1QY1Z1d2FvNE0/view?usp=sharing

Character Concepts