My name's Tim Fangon, and I am an artist and illustrator based in California.

I received my Bachelors in Fine Arts, Animation and Illustration, at San Jose State University, with the emphasis of visual development, illustration, and modeling.

Over the years, I have been involved with the industry and its community, notably for Epic Games. There, I was given the title of "Team Epic Gamer", where I had the privilege to represent the fans and the fan artists. I also created a series of various illustrations based on Epic franchises such as Infinity Blade and the award-winning Xbox video game, Gears of War, reaching thousands of fans across the globe in social media.

When I create art, I love to experiment; I always play with the latest tools, see what they can do in my workflow, and find new ways to incorporate them. This skill has given me the privilege to achieve the art that I create until it closely resembles the way I envisioned it.

There are many things that I enjoy besides art. I'm also a gamer, a nerd, and a technology geek. I also enjoy staying fit, healthy, and lead an active lifestyle.

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